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Mystic Pop-up Bar

12 episodes
1 season
81user score

At this mysterious late-night food cart run by an equally mysterious woman and her part-timer, customers are provided a space for respite and counseling through their dreams. But most importantly, everyone here is treated equally—living or dead.

Cover of the Season 2 of Mystic Pop-up Bar

Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of Mystic Pop-up Bar

Season 1

12 episodes
May 20, 2020

Profile picture of Hwang Jung-eum who plays Wol Joo
Hwang Jung-eum
Wol Joo
Profile picture of Yook Sung-jae who plays Han Kang Bae
Yook Sung-jae
Han Kang Bae
Profile picture of Choi Won-young who plays Team Leader Gwi
Choi Won-young
Team Leader Gwi
Profile picture of Kim Yong-geon who plays
Kim Yong-geon
Profile picture of Kim Mi-kyeong who plays
Kim Mi-kyeong
Profile picture of Lee Jun-hyeok who plays Department Head Yeom
Lee Jun-hyeok
Department Head Yeom
Profile picture of Jeong Da-eun who plays Yeo Rin
Jeong Da-eun
Yeo Rin
Profile picture of Park Si-eun who plays 월주(아역)
Park Si-eun
Profile picture of Na In-woo who plays Kim Won Hyung
Na In-woo
Kim Won Hyung
Profile picture of Park Eun-hye who plays Shin Ji-hye
Park Eun-hye
Shin Ji-hye
Profile picture of Ahn Tae-hwan who plays Choi Jin Dong
Ahn Tae-hwan
Choi Jin Dong
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