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The Sound of Magic

6 episodes
1 season
75user score

An enigmatic magician living in an abandoned amusement park introduces magic into the life of a high schooler struggling with harsh realities.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of The Sound of Magic

Season 1

6 episodes
May 6, 2022

Profile picture of Ji Chang-wook who plays Lee Eul
Ji Chang-wook
Lee Eul
Profile picture of Choi Sung-eun who plays Yun Ah-yi
Choi Sung-eun
Yun Ah-yi
Profile picture of Hwang In-yeop who plays Na Il-deung
Hwang In-yeop
Na Il-deung
Profile picture of Hong Seo-hee who plays Ji Soo [Young]
Hong Seo-hee
Ji Soo [Young]
Profile picture of Nam Da-reum who plays Lee Eul [Young]
Nam Da-reum
Lee Eul [Young]
Profile picture of Ji Hye-won who plays Baek Ha Na
Ji Hye-won
Baek Ha Na
Profile picture of Choi Young-jun who plays Detective Kim
Choi Young-jun
Detective Kim
Profile picture of You Chea-myung who plays Il Deung's father
You Chea-myung
Il Deung's father
Profile picture of Kim Hye-eun who plays Na Il-deung Mother
Kim Hye-eun
Na Il-deung Mother
Profile picture of Jo Han-chul who plays Yoon Ah-yi's father
Jo Han-chul
Yoon Ah-yi's father
Profile picture of Kim Ba-da who plays Sergeant Park
Kim Ba-da
Sergeant Park
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