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Over Christmas

3 episodes
1 season
59user score

Down-and-out musician Bastian battles the blues as he returns home for Christmas and encounters a series of not-so-cheery surprises.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

3 episodes
Nov 27, 2020

Profile picture of Luke Mockridge who plays Bastian Kollinger
Luke Mockridge
Bastian Kollinger
Profile picture of Seyneb Saleh who plays Karina
Seyneb Saleh
Profile picture of Cristina do Rego who plays Fine
Cristina do Rego
Profile picture of Lucas Reiber who plays Niklas Kollinger
Lucas Reiber
Niklas Kollinger
Profile picture of Johanna Gastdorf who plays Brigitte Kollinger
Johanna Gastdorf
Brigitte Kollinger
Profile picture of Rudolf Kowalski who plays Walter Kollinger
Rudolf Kowalski
Walter Kollinger
Profile picture of Carmen-Maja Antoni who plays Oma Hilde
Carmen-Maja Antoni
Oma Hilde
Profile picture of Eugen Bauder who plays Hagen
Eugen Bauder
Profile picture of Jonathan Kwesi Aikins who plays Ingo
Jonathan Kwesi Aikins
Profile picture of Eskindir Tesfay who plays Assistent Freddi
Eskindir Tesfay
Assistent Freddi
Profile picture of Karl Drescher who plays Bauer Bernie
Karl Drescher
Bauer Bernie
Profile picture of Marylu Poolman who plays Frau Schmitt
Marylu Poolman
Frau Schmitt
Profile picture of Nikolai Will who plays Peter
Nikolai Will
Profile picture of Klaus Beleczko who plays
Klaus Beleczko
Profile picture of Martina Eitner-Acheampong who plays
Martina Eitner-Acheampong
Profile picture of Eike Weinreich who plays
Eike Weinreich
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