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Crash Course In Romance

16 episodes
1 season
76user score

A mother with a heart of gold navigates the cutthroat world of private education when her daughter tries to join a celebrity math instructor's class.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

16 episodes
Jan 14, 2023

Profile picture of Jeon Do-yeon who plays Nam Haeng-seon
Jeon Do-yeon
Nam Haeng-seon
Profile picture of Jung Kyung-ho who plays Choi Chi-yeol
Jung Kyung-ho
Choi Chi-yeol
Profile picture of Lee Bong-ryeon who plays Kim Yeong-ju
Lee Bong-ryeon
Kim Yeong-ju
Profile picture of Oh Eui-sik who plays Nam Jae-woo
Oh Eui-sik
Nam Jae-woo
Profile picture of Shin Jae-ha who plays Ji Dong-hui
Shin Jae-ha
Ji Dong-hui
Profile picture of Roh Yoon-seo who plays Nam Hae-e
Roh Yoon-seo
Nam Hae-e
Profile picture of Jang Young-nam who plays Jang Seo-jin
Jang Young-nam
Jang Seo-jin
Profile picture of Kim Sun-young who plays Cho Su-hui
Kim Sun-young
Cho Su-hui
Profile picture of Hwang Bo-ra who plays Lee Mi-ok
Hwang Bo-ra
Lee Mi-ok
Profile picture of Heo Jung-do who plays Kang Joon-sang
Heo Jung-do
Kang Joon-sang
Profile picture of Lee Chae-min who plays Lee Sun-jae
Lee Chae-min
Lee Sun-jae
Profile picture of Kang Na-eon who plays Bang Su-a
Kang Na-eon
Bang Su-a
Profile picture of Ryu Da-in who plays Jang Dan-ji
Ryu Da-in
Jang Dan-ji
Profile picture of Lee Min-jae who plays Seo Geon-hu
Lee Min-jae
Seo Geon-hu
Profile picture of Kim Tae-jung who plays Lee Hui-jae
Kim Tae-jung
Lee Hui-jae
Profile picture of Ji Il-joo who plays Jin Yi-sang
Ji Il-joo
Jin Yi-sang
Profile picture of Lee Do-hye who plays Jung Soo-hyun
Lee Do-hye
Jung Soo-hyun
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