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6 episodes
1 season
76user score

High schooler Ayumi's perfect world evaporates when her envious classmate Zenko somehow steals her body, her boyfriend and her life.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

6 episodes
Aug 1, 2018

Profile picture of Miu Tomita who plays Umine Zenko
Miu Tomita
Umine Zenko
Profile picture of Kaya Kiyohara who plays Ayumi Kohinata
Kaya Kiyohara
Ayumi Kohinata
Profile picture of Daiki Shigeoka who plays Shunpei Kaga
Daiki Shigeoka
Shunpei Kaga
Profile picture of Tomohiro Kamiyama who plays Koshiro Mizumoto
Tomohiro Kamiyama
Koshiro Mizumoto
Profile picture of Megumi Seki who plays Ukon Mao
Megumi Seki
Ukon Mao
Profile picture of Shinji Rokkaku who plays Ayumi's father
Shinji Rokkaku
Ayumi's father
Profile picture of Miu Suzuki who plays Inaki Ritsu
Miu Suzuki
Inaki Ritsu
Profile picture of Reika Kirishima who plays Ayumi's mother
Reika Kirishima
Ayumi's mother
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