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Danger Mouse

99 episodes
2 seasons
65user score

Danger Mouse is back saving London, saving the World and, most importantly, saving Penfold in brand new and fantastically absurd, energetic adventures.

Cover of the Season 3 of Danger Mouse

Season 3


We currently have no information regarding season 3.

Cover of the Season 2 of Danger Mouse

Season 2

49 episodes
Jun 14, 2017

Cover of the Season 1 of Danger Mouse

Season 1

50 episodes
Sep 28, 2015

Profile picture of Alexander Armstrong who plays Danger Mouse (voice)
Alexander Armstrong
Danger Mouse (voice)
Profile picture of Kevin Eldon who plays Penfold (voice)
Kevin Eldon
Penfold (voice)
Profile picture of Ed Gaughan who plays Baron Greenback / Quark / Pandaminion (voice)
Ed Gaughan
Baron Greenback / Quark / Pandaminion (voice)
Profile picture of Stephen Fry who plays Colonel K (voice)
Stephen Fry
Colonel K (voice)
Profile picture of Shauna Macdonald who plays Prof. Squawkencluck (voice)
Shauna Macdonald
Prof. Squawkencluck (voice)
Profile picture of Marc Silk who plays Nero (voice)
Marc Silk
Nero (voice)
Profile picture of Dave Lamb who plays Narrator / Stiletto (voice)
Dave Lamb
Narrator / Stiletto (voice)
Profile picture of Rasmus Hardiker who plays Count Duckula / Ian (voice)
Rasmus Hardiker
Count Duckula / Ian (voice)
Profile picture of Morwenna Banks who plays Dawn / Weevil Queen (voice)
Morwenna Banks
Dawn / Weevil Queen (voice)
Profile picture of Kayvan Novak who plays Dr. Loo-cifer / Isambard King Kong Brunel / Birch Badboy (voice)
Kayvan Novak
Dr. Loo-cifer / Isambard King Kong Brunel / Birch Badboy (voice)
Profile picture of Lena Headey who plays Jeopardy Mouse (voice)
Lena Headey
Jeopardy Mouse (voice)
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