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Man to Man

16 episodes
1 season
74user score

From Kim Won Seok, the writer of Descendants of the Sun, a drama about a special bodyguard with a background in special investigations and the Hallyu star he is supposed to protect.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of Man to Man

Season 1

16 episodes
Apr 21, 2017

In need of a bodyguard, a longtime celeb hires a secret agent. Together, they solve crimes, fight the bad guys and get tangled up in a love triangle.

Profile picture of Park Sung-woong who plays Yeo Woon-Gwang
Park Sung-woong
Yeo Woon-Gwang
Profile picture of Jang Hyun-sung who plays Department Head Jang
Jang Hyun-sung
Department Head Jang
Profile picture of Jeong Man-sik who plays Lee Dong-Hyun
Jeong Man-sik
Lee Dong-Hyun
Profile picture of Lee Si-eon who plays CEO Ji
Lee Si-eon
Profile picture of Oh Na-ra who plays Sharon Kim
Oh Na-ra
Sharon Kim
Profile picture of Yeon Jeong-hun who plays Mo Seung-Jae
Yeon Jeong-hun
Mo Seung-Jae
Profile picture of Tae In-ho who plays Seo Ki-Chul
Tae In-ho
Seo Ki-Chul
Profile picture of Chae Jung-an who plays Song Mi-Eun
Chae Jung-an
Song Mi-Eun
Profile picture of Kim Min-jung who plays Cha Do-Ha
Kim Min-jung
Cha Do-Ha
Profile picture of Park Hae-jin who plays Kim Seol-Woo
Park Hae-jin
Kim Seol-Woo
Profile picture of Cheon Ho-jin who plays Lawmaker Baek
Cheon Ho-jin
Lawmaker Baek
Profile picture of Kim Bo-mi who plays Park Song-I
Kim Bo-mi
Park Song-I
Profile picture of Han Ji-Sun who plays Choi Sul-A
Han Ji-Sun
Choi Sul-A
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