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24 episodes
2 seasons
78user score

One gunshot, one death, one moment out of time that irrevocably links eight minds in disparate parts of the world, putting them in each other's lives, each other's secrets, and in terrible danger. Ordinary people suddenly reborn as "Sensates."

Cover of the Season 3 of Sense8

Season 3


There won't be a season 3, the show has been canceled.

Cover of the Season 2 of Sense8

Season 2

12 episodes
Dec 23, 2016

The Sensates face growing dangers and harrowing personal battles as they begin to unravel the truth about the shadowy forces out to destroy them.

Cover of the Season 1 of Sense8

Season 1

12 episodes
Jun 5, 2015

Eight strangers from around the globe suddenly begin to communicate telepathically, but soon discover their gift also makes them targets.

Profile picture of Miguel Ángel Silvestre who plays Lito Rodriguez
Miguel Ángel Silvestre
Lito Rodriguez
Profile picture of Max Riemelt who plays Wolfgang Bogdanow
Max Riemelt
Wolfgang Bogdanow
Profile picture of Jamie Clayton who plays Nomi Marks
Jamie Clayton
Nomi Marks
Profile picture of Bae Doona who plays Bak sun
Bae Doona
Bak sun
Profile picture of Brian J. Smith who plays Will Gorski
Brian J. Smith
Will Gorski
Profile picture of Tuppence Middleton who plays Riley Blue
Tuppence Middleton
Riley Blue
Profile picture of Freema Agyeman who plays Amanita Caplan
Freema Agyeman
Amanita Caplan
Profile picture of Naveen Andrews who plays Jonas Maliki
Naveen Andrews
Jonas Maliki
Profile picture of Tina Desai who plays Kala Dandekar
Tina Desai
Kala Dandekar
Profile picture of Toby Onwumere who plays Capheus Onyango
Toby Onwumere
Capheus Onyango
Profile picture of Daryl Hannah who plays Angelica Turing
Daryl Hannah
Angelica Turing
Profile picture of Terrence Mann who plays Whispers
Terrence Mann
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