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El marginal

43 episodes
5 seasons
82user score

An ex-cop entered a prison as convicted under a false identity in order to infiltrate within a group of prisoners that has just kidnapped the teenage daughter of an important national judge.

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Season 6


There won't be a season 6, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 5 of El marginal

Season 5

6 episodes
May 4, 2022

Cover of the Season 4 of El marginal

Season 4

8 episodes
Jan 19, 2022

A new prison, a new warden, a new nemesis, a new kid, a new alliance and an ex-wife play critical roles when the Borges are moved to a new lockup.

Cover of the Season 3 of El marginal

Season 3

8 episodes
Jul 9, 2019

A year before Season 1, the Borges must protect a rich man's son while dealing with forces in and out of the prison that threaten their dominance.

Cover of the Season 2 of El marginal

Season 2

8 episodes
Jul 17, 2018

This prequel season looks at how Borges and Diosito replaced prison leader El Sapo, at a time when San Onofre was at its most corrupt and violent.

Cover of the Season 1 of El marginal

Season 1

13 episodes
Jun 2, 2016

Profile picture of Martina Gusmán who plays Emma
Martina Gusmán
Profile picture of Claudio Rissi who plays Mario Borges
Claudio Rissi
Mario Borges
Profile picture of Nicolás Furtado who plays Diosito
Nicolás Furtado
Profile picture of Gerardo Romano who plays Antín
Gerardo Romano
Profile picture of Carlos Portaluppi who plays Morcilla
Carlos Portaluppi
Profile picture of Juan Minujín who plays Miguel Palacios a.k.a. Pastor Peña
Juan Minujín
Miguel Palacios a.k.a. Pastor Peña
Profile picture of Jorge Lorenzo who plays Capece
Jorge Lorenzo
Profile picture of Maite Lanata who plays Luna
Maite Lanata
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