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The Endless Night

5 episodes
1 season
79user score

When a fire kills 242 people in a nightclub, all that the victims' parents can do is mourn... and fight for justice.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of The Endless Night

Season 1

5 episodes
Jan 25, 2023

Profile picture of Thelmo Fernandes who plays Pedro Leal
Thelmo Fernandes
Pedro Leal
Profile picture of Paulo Gorgulho who plays Ricardo Martins
Paulo Gorgulho
Ricardo Martins
Profile picture of Leonardo Medeiros who plays Geraldo Alberto Ramos Fontes
Leonardo Medeiros
Geraldo Alberto Ramos Fontes
Profile picture of Bianca Byington who plays Meire Coutinho Campos (Ana Campos)
Bianca Byington
Meire Coutinho Campos (Ana Campos)
Profile picture of Débora Lamm who plays Silvana Leal (Sil)
Débora Lamm
Silvana Leal (Sil)
Profile picture of Raquel Karro who plays Lívia Martins
Raquel Karro
Lívia Martins
Profile picture of Bel Kowarick who plays Telma Ramos Fontes
Bel Kowarick
Telma Ramos Fontes
Profile picture of Erom Cordeiro who plays Delegado João Portella
Erom Cordeiro
Delegado João Portella
Profile picture of Paola Antonini who plays Grazi
Paola Antonini
Profile picture of Nicolas Vargas who plays
Nicolas Vargas
Profile picture of Flávio Bauraqui who plays Bruno Fontinelli
Flávio Bauraqui
Bruno Fontinelli
Profile picture of Laila Zaid who plays Policial Tereza Rocha
Laila Zaid
Policial Tereza Rocha
Profile picture of Priscila Reis who plays Bia
Priscila Reis
Profile picture of Pedro Sol who plays Luís Martins
Pedro Sol
Luís Martins
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