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Secrets of Summer

11 episodes
1 season
73user score

A remote Argentine resort revives its wakeboarding competition, drawing in Mexican athlete Steffi, who is determined to uncover a family secret.

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Season 2


We currently have no information regarding season 2.

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Season 1

11 episodes
Feb 16, 2022

Profile picture of Abril di Yorio who plays Luz Aguilar
Abril di Yorio
Luz Aguilar
Profile picture of Byron Barbieri who plays Ian Navarro
Byron Barbieri
Ian Navarro
Profile picture of Pilar Pascual who plays Stefania "Steffi" Navarro
Pilar Pascual
Stefania "Steffi" Navarro
Profile picture of Fernando Monzo who plays Él mismo
Fernando Monzo
Él mismo
Profile picture of Martín Tecchi who plays Augusto Montero
Martín Tecchi
Augusto Montero
Profile picture of Juana Masse who plays Luz (niña)
Juana Masse
Luz (niña)
Profile picture of Camila Geringer who plays Cynthia Aguilar
Camila Geringer
Cynthia Aguilar
Profile picture of Denise Cotton who plays Dra. Visero
Denise Cotton
Dra. Visero
Profile picture of Víctor Varona who plays Antonio "Tony"
Víctor Varona
Antonio "Tony"
Profile picture of Thais Rippel who plays Natalia "Naty"
Thais Rippel
Natalia "Naty"
Profile picture of Giulia Guerrini who plays Natasha Rossi
Giulia Guerrini
Natasha Rossi
Profile picture of Luan Brum who plays Carlos "Charlie" Santos
Luan Brum
Carlos "Charlie" Santos
Profile picture of Guido Messina who plays Julián
Guido Messina
Profile picture of Francisco Bass who plays Ron Navarro Lavalle
Francisco Bass
Ron Navarro Lavalle
Profile picture of Agustín Pardella who plays Noda
Agustín Pardella
Profile picture of Mariel Percossi who plays Matrix
Mariel Percossi
Profile picture of Débora Nishimoto who plays Irene
Débora Nishimoto
Profile picture of Jimena La Torre who plays Cynthia Aguilar
Jimena La Torre
Cynthia Aguilar
Profile picture of Benjamín Otero who plays Julián (niño)
Benjamín Otero
Julián (niño)
Profile picture of Juan Salinas who plays Ron Navarro
Juan Salinas
Ron Navarro
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