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16 episodes
1 season
84user score

Young entrepreneurs aspiring to launch virtual dreams into reality compete for success and love in the cutthroat world of Korea's high-tech industry.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

16 episodes
Oct 17, 2020

Profile picture of Bae Suzy who plays Seo Dal-mi
Bae Suzy
Seo Dal-mi
Profile picture of Nam Joo-hyuk who plays Nam Do-san
Nam Joo-hyuk
Nam Do-san
Profile picture of Kim Seon-ho who plays Han Ji-pyung
Kim Seon-ho
Han Ji-pyung
Profile picture of Kang Han-na who plays Won In-jae
Kang Han-na
Won In-jae
Profile picture of Kim Hae-sook who plays Choi Won-deok
Kim Hae-sook
Choi Won-deok
Profile picture of Kim Do-wan who plays Kim Yong-san
Kim Do-wan
Kim Yong-san
Profile picture of Kim Won-hae who plays Do-san's Father
Kim Won-hae
Do-san's Father
Profile picture of Song Sun-mi who plays Cha Ah-hyun
Song Sun-mi
Cha Ah-hyun
Profile picture of Yoo Su-bin who plays Lee Chul-san
Yoo Su-bin
Lee Chul-san
Profile picture of Seo Yi-sook who plays Yoon Seon-hak
Seo Yi-sook
Yoon Seon-hak
Profile picture of Kim Hee-jung who plays Do-san's Mother
Kim Hee-jung
Do-san's Mother
Profile picture of Kim Joo-heon who plays Seo Chung-myung
Kim Joo-heon
Seo Chung-myung
Profile picture of Stephanie Lee who plays Jeong Sa-ha
Stephanie Lee
Jeong Sa-ha
Profile picture of Cho Tae-kwan who plays Alex Kwon
Cho Tae-kwan
Alex Kwon
Profile picture of Uhm Hyo-seop who plays Won Doo-jung
Uhm Hyo-seop
Won Doo-jung
Profile picture of Yeo Jin-goo who plays Jang Young-sil (voice)
Yeo Jin-goo
Jang Young-sil (voice)
Profile picture of Lee Min Ryung who plays Yi-soo
Lee Min Ryung
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