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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

61 episodes
5 seasons
68user score

Rebecca Bunch is a successful, driven, and possibly crazy young woman who impulsively gives up everything - her partnership at a prestigious law firm and her upscale apartment in Manhattan - in a desperate attempt to find love and happiness in that exotic hotbed of romance and adventure: suburban West Covina, California.

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Season 5


There won't be a season 5, the show has ended.

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Season 4

17 episodes
Oct 12, 2018

Yeah, so pleading guilty to a federal offense because you wanted to take responsibility for every sketchy thing you may have done in your whole entire life is… maybe not the best idea? Still, you have to admire Rebecca Bunch for wanting to deal with the repercussions of the very long string of decisions - good, bad and alarmingly questionable - that she’s made since she took flight from New York City and landed in West Covina. This year, Rebecca is in some ways like a baby chick that’s about to tumble out of the nest, and in other ways she’s that friend who is searching for enlightenment and kinda can’t stop yammering about it. As always, Rebecca’s actions have had unintended consequences for her West Covina friends – Nathaniel feels betrayed by her, Josh is taken aback by her, and Darryl is parenting her baby. Paula, Heather and Valencia remain staunchly by Rebecca’s side but they are busy finding their own identities.

Cover of the Season 3 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Season 3

13 episodes
Oct 13, 2017

When last we left our intrepid and at least slightly nutty heroine, Rebecca Bunch, she was at her wedding, abandoned at the altar by her obsession, Josh Chan. In that moment, Rebecca found herself in a cliffhanger. Literally, because she, like, almost flung herself off a cliff. Instead, she found an unexpected well of strength inside herself and finally stood up to her abandoning father, flanked by her fierce girl squad. Phew. It was QUITE the wedding. So, what’s a girl to do now? Why, get revenge of course. Because Josh Chan, love of her life? He’s crossed over to the dark side -- ergo, he must pay, unless of course he sees the error of his ways and realizes he and Rebecca are meant to be.

Cover of the Season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Season 2

13 episodes
Oct 21, 2016

Cover of the Season 1 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Season 1

18 episodes
Oct 12, 2015

Rebecca Bunch has always been wound a little tightly. It’s something that served her well as she has raced up the ladder at her corporate law firm in New York. It may also be why she has no life. So when Rebecca bumps into Josh Chan – her handsome, long-ago summer camp-sweetheart – she knows that it’s a sign. A sign for her to quit her job, drop everything, and move across the country to West Covina, California – where, in a huge, definitely-unrelated coincidence, Josh just happens to live. With her impressive résumé, Rebecca quickly lands a new job at a local law firm, where she forms a unique bond with Paula, the head paralegal. Settling into her new Southern California surroundings, Rebecca eventually discovers her social media stalking has failed to uncover one important detail – Josh’s girlfriend, Valencia.

Profile picture of Rachel Bloom who plays Rebecca Bunch
Rachel Bloom
Rebecca Bunch
Profile picture of Donna Lynne Champlin who plays Paula Proctor
Donna Lynne Champlin
Paula Proctor
Profile picture of Vincent Rodriguez III who plays Josh Chan
Vincent Rodriguez III
Josh Chan
Profile picture of Pete Gardner who plays Darryl Whitefeather
Pete Gardner
Darryl Whitefeather
Profile picture of Vella Lovell who plays Heather Davis
Vella Lovell
Heather Davis
Profile picture of Gabrielle Ruiz who plays Valencia Perez
Gabrielle Ruiz
Valencia Perez
Profile picture of Scott Michael Foster who plays Nathaniel
Scott Michael Foster
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