236 episodes
11 seasons
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The misadventures of a group of friends as they navigate the pitfalls of work, life and love in Manhattan.


Season 11


There won't be a season 11, the show has ended.

Season 10

18 episodes
Sep 25, 2003

The touching final season of this Emmy-winning sitcom wraps up the stories of the Manhattan sextet, including Ross and Rachel's on-and-off romance.

Season 9

24 episodes
Sep 23, 2002

Rachel finds herself surprisingly adept at taking care of Emma but struggles to define her complicated relationships with Joey and Ross.

Season 8

24 episodes
Sep 27, 2001

Rachel is pregnant and faces single parenthood, while Joey agonizes over his feelings for her. Chandler and Monica are now dealing with married life.

Season 7

24 episodes
Oct 12, 2000

Monica and Chandler prepare for their wedding but must deal with a competition between Rachel and Phoebe to be Monica's maid of honor.

Season 6

25 episodes
Sep 23, 1999

In Season 6 of the Emmy-winning series, Ross doesn't tell Rachel that their accidental marriage was never annulled, but he does tell Phoebe.

Season 5

24 episodes
Sep 24, 1998

The friends continue to haphazardly navigate their way through Manhattan, landing in more improbable situations than anyone has a right to imagine.

Season 4

24 episodes
Sep 25, 1997

Chandler makes amends to Joey by spending Thanksgiving in a box, Monica finally lands her dream job of head chef, and Phoebe supports her brother.

Season 3

25 episodes
Sep 16, 1996

Season 2

24 episodes
Sep 21, 1995

Rachel gets jealous of Ross's new girlfriend, Monica dates an older man, and Joey stars on a soap opera as the hit sitcom hits its stride in Season 2.

Season 1

24 episodes
Sep 22, 1994

Season 1 of the hit sitcom introduces us to hapless Ross, spoiled Rachel, quirky Chandler, dim-witted Joey, free-spirited Phoebe and uptight Monica.

Matthew Perry
Chandler Bing
Matt LeBlanc
Joey Tribbiani
Courteney Cox
Monica Geller
David Schwimmer
Ross Geller
Jennifer Aniston
Rachel Green
Lisa Kudrow
Phoebe Buffay
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