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Better Than Us

16 episodes
1 season
74user score

Moscow in a not so distant future where human beings share their daily lives with robots. Georgy, a forensic who has a robot assistant, suddenly finds himself caught up in the first murder committed by a new kind of experimental humanoid.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

16 episodes
Nov 23, 2018

Profile picture of Paulina Andreeva who plays Arisa
Paulina Andreeva
Profile picture of Kirill Käro who plays Georgy Safronov
Kirill Käro
Georgy Safronov
Profile picture of Olga Lomonosova who plays Alla Safronova
Olga Lomonosova
Alla Safronova
Profile picture of Vitaliya Kornienko who plays Sonya Safronova
Vitaliya Kornienko
Sonya Safronova
Profile picture of Eldar Kalimulin who plays Egor Safronov
Eldar Kalimulin
Egor Safronov
Profile picture of Vera Kincheva who plays Zhanna Barseneva
Vera Kincheva
Zhanna Barseneva
Profile picture of Aleksandr Kuznetsov who plays Bars
Aleksandr Kuznetsov
Profile picture of Irina Tarannik who plays Svetlana Toropova
Irina Tarannik
Svetlana Toropova
Profile picture of Arseniy Sidorov who plays Boris Toropov
Arseniy Sidorov
Boris Toropov
Profile picture of Fyodor Lavrov who plays Gleb
Fyodor Lavrov
Profile picture of Sergey Sosnovsky who plays Alexei Stepanovich Losev
Sergey Sosnovsky
Alexei Stepanovich Losev
Profile picture of Kirill Poluhin who plays Pavel Varlamov
Kirill Poluhin
Pavel Varlamov
Profile picture of Viktoriya Korlyakova who plays Irina Plescheeva
Viktoriya Korlyakova
Irina Plescheeva
Profile picture of Aleksandra Ursulyak who plays Marina
Aleksandra Ursulyak
Profile picture of Aleksandr Ustyugov who plays
Aleksandr Ustyugov
Profile picture of Yana Enzhaeva who plays
Yana Enzhaeva
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