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The Search

6 episodes
1 season
72user score

When a girl vanishes from a suburb near Mexico City, the personal goals of some involved in the case muddy the search. Based on a true story.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

6 episodes
Jun 12, 2020

Profile picture of Regina Blandón who plays Carolina Tello
Regina Blandón
Carolina Tello
Profile picture of Dario Yazbek Bernal who plays Alberto Bazbaz
Dario Yazbek Bernal
Alberto Bazbaz
Profile picture of Diana Bovio who plays Amanda de la Rosa
Diana Bovio
Amanda de la Rosa
Profile picture of Adrián Ladrón who plays Alfredo Castillo
Adrián Ladrón
Alfredo Castillo
Profile picture of Verónica Bravo who plays Lizette Farah
Verónica Bravo
Lizette Farah
Profile picture of Guillermo Villegas who plays Miranda Nava
Guillermo Villegas
Miranda Nava
Profile picture of Alejandro Calva who plays Miguel Gómez
Alejandro Calva
Miguel Gómez
Profile picture of Edmundo Vargas who plays Lalo
Edmundo Vargas
Profile picture of Daniel Haddad who plays Mauricio Gebara
Daniel Haddad
Mauricio Gebara
Profile picture of Ernesto Laguardia who plays Gilberto Torres de León
Ernesto Laguardia
Gilberto Torres de León
Profile picture of Everardo Arzate who plays Miguel Ángel Mancera
Everardo Arzate
Miguel Ángel Mancera
Profile picture of Sophie Alexander-Katz who plays Adela Micha
Sophie Alexander-Katz
Adela Micha
Profile picture of María Aura who plays Paty Chapoy
María Aura
Paty Chapoy
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