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8 episodes
1 season
73user score

Eager to make his name in 19th-century Vienna, a hungry young Sigmund Freud joins a psychic and an inspector to solve a string of bloody mysteries.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has been canceled.

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Season 1

8 episodes
Mar 15, 2020

Profile picture of Manuel Ossenkopf who plays Frantisek Mucha
Manuel Ossenkopf
Frantisek Mucha
Profile picture of Robert Finster who plays Sigmund Freud
Robert Finster
Sigmund Freud
Profile picture of Georg Friedrich who plays Alfred Kiss
Georg Friedrich
Alfred Kiss
Profile picture of Ella Rumpf who plays Fleur Salomé
Ella Rumpf
Fleur Salomé
Profile picture of Brigitte Kren who plays Lenore
Brigitte Kren
Profile picture of Anja Kling who plays Gräfin Sophia
Anja Kling
Gräfin Sophia
Profile picture of Philipp Hochmair who plays Graf Viktor Szápáry
Philipp Hochmair
Graf Viktor Szápáry
Profile picture of Christoph Krutzler who plays Franz Poschacher
Christoph Krutzler
Franz Poschacher
Profile picture of Mercedes Müller who plays Martha Bernays
Mercedes Müller
Martha Bernays
Profile picture of Alina Fritsch who plays Fanny Kiss
Alina Fritsch
Fanny Kiss
Profile picture of Rainer Bock who plays Theodor Meynert
Rainer Bock
Theodor Meynert
Profile picture of Merab Ninidze who plays Josef Breuer
Merab Ninidze
Josef Breuer
Profile picture of Lukas Miko who plays Georg von Lichtenberg
Lukas Miko
Georg von Lichtenberg
Profile picture of Lukas Thomas Watzl who plays Leopold von Schönfeld
Lukas Thomas Watzl
Leopold von Schönfeld
Profile picture of Pavel Fieber who plays Jakob Freud (Vater)
Pavel Fieber
Jakob Freud (Vater)
Profile picture of Marie-Lou Sellem who plays Amalia Freud (Mutter)
Marie-Lou Sellem
Amalia Freud (Mutter)
Profile picture of Daniela Golpashin who plays Anna Freud (Schwester)
Daniela Golpashin
Anna Freud (Schwester)
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