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Nihon Yakuza Kososhi
1 season | 3 episodes  

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Legendary yakuza actors Hakuryu and Hitoshi Ozawa star in this epic series where money, power, and brutality fuel turf wars across the land.
Season 1
Released the 2 January 2014
3 episodes
No overview
Season 2
The show's story is defenitly ended. No more new seasons...
Network :
Casting :
Profile picture of Hitoshi Ozawa
Hitoshi Ozawa
Kodama / Naruse / Takemoto
Profile picture of Hakuryu
Fujio Yamadai / Tatsuo Yamanaka
Profile picture of Hidejiro Mizumoto
Hidejiro Mizumoto
Profile picture of Eiichi Furui
Eiichi Furui
Akiyoshi / Kamogawa
Profile picture of Kazuyoshi Ozawa
Kazuyoshi Ozawa
Profile picture of Keiji Matsuda
Keiji Matsuda
Anai / Nakagawa
Profile picture of Kazuki Namioka
Kazuki Namioka
Profile picture of Jirô Okazaki
Jirô Okazaki
Profile picture of Hideo Nakano
Hideo Nakano
Profile picture of Miyako Yamaguchi
Miyako Yamaguchi
Sumiko Yamadai
Profile picture of Kei Mizutani
Kei Mizutani
Shinichiro Kubo
Yasushi Takahashi
Seiji Kambe
Doi Hikaru
Profile picture of Takashi Murauchi
Takashi Murauchi
Hiroto Abe
Tomoki Yonekura
Asuka Matsumoto
Profile picture of Taiji Haramoto
Taiji Haramoto
Yoshitaka Shioyama
Profile picture of Hideyuki Kawahara
Hideyuki Kawahara
Ryuga Ta
Profile picture of Yakumo Yajima
Yakumo Yajima
Profile picture of Tomohide Takahara
Tomohide Takahara
Profile picture of Yuzuki Akiyama
Yuzuki Akiyama
Profile picture of Kazumi Ishihara
Kazumi Ishihara
Profile picture of Atsushi Ito
Atsushi Ito
Profile picture of Atsushi Narasaka
Atsushi Narasaka
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