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Hibana: Spark

10 episodes
1 season
79user score

Tokunaga, a comedian who is down on his luck, has a shock encounter with Kamiya, an older comedian when he visits a fireworks event in Atami on a job. Tokunaga is deeply touched by Kamiya and asks if he can become his apprentice. Kamiya is a genius type of comedian who is full of human kindness. He accepts Tokunaga’s proposition on the condition that he will write his biography.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of Hibana: Spark

Season 1

10 episodes
Jun 2, 2016

Profile picture of Kento Hayashi who plays Tokunaga
Kento Hayashi
Profile picture of Kazuki Namioka who plays Kamiya Saizo
Kazuki Namioka
Kamiya Saizo
Profile picture of Masao Yoshii who plays Masato Yamashita
Masao Yoshii
Masato Yamashita
Profile picture of Mugi Kadowaki who plays Maki Miyano
Mugi Kadowaki
Maki Miyano
Profile picture of Shota Sometani who plays Kenji Ogata
Shota Sometani
Kenji Ogata
Profile picture of Nahana who plays Erika Nishida
Erika Nishida
Profile picture of Maryjun Takahashi who plays
Maryjun Takahashi
Profile picture of Eri Tokunaga who plays
Eri Tokunaga
Profile picture of Daichi Watanabe who plays
Daichi Watanabe
Profile picture of Hideaki Murata who plays
Hideaki Murata
Profile picture of Erika Okuda who plays
Erika Okuda
Profile picture of Kaoru Kobayashi who plays
Kaoru Kobayashi
Profile picture of Tomorowo Taguchi who plays
Tomorowo Taguchi
Profile picture of Tetsu Watanabe who plays
Tetsu Watanabe
Profile picture of Ayu Kitaura who plays
Ayu Kitaura
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