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16 episodes
1 season
77user score

To survive in a dog-eat-dog world, two rival lawyers with high-class clientele tear apart anything that stands in the way of their ambitions.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of Hyena

Season 1

16 episodes
Feb 21, 2020

Profile picture of Kim Hye-soo who plays Jung Geum-ja
Kim Hye-soo
Jung Geum-ja
Profile picture of Ju Ji-hoon who plays Yoon Hee-jae
Ju Ji-hoon
Yoon Hee-jae
Profile picture of Lee Kyung-young who plays Song Pil-jung
Lee Kyung-young
Song Pil-jung
Profile picture of Kim Ho-jung who plays Kim Min-joo
Kim Ho-jung
Kim Min-joo
Profile picture of Song Young-gyu who plays Ma Seok-koo
Song Young-gyu
Ma Seok-koo
Profile picture of Hwang Bo-ra who plays Sim Yoo-mi
Hwang Bo-ra
Sim Yoo-mi
Profile picture of Jun Suk-ho who plays Ga Gi-hyeok
Jun Suk-ho
Ga Gi-hyeok
Profile picture of Hyun Bong-sik who plays Kim Chang-wook
Hyun Bong-sik
Kim Chang-wook
Profile picture of Park Se-jin who plays Boo Hyun-ah
Park Se-jin
Boo Hyun-ah
Profile picture of Jeong Ji-hwan who plays Na Yi-joon
Jeong Ji-hwan
Na Yi-joon
Profile picture of Oh Gyeong-hwa who plays Lee Ji-eun
Oh Gyeong-hwa
Lee Ji-eun
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