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Romance Is a Bonus Book

16 episodes
1 season
77user score

A gifted writer who's the youngest editor-in-chief ever at his publishing company gets enmeshed in the life of a former copywriter desperate for a job.

Cover of the Season 2 of Romance Is a Bonus Book

Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of Romance Is a Bonus Book

Season 1

16 episodes
Jan 26, 2019

Profile picture of Lee Jong-suk who plays Cha Eun-ho
Lee Jong-suk
Cha Eun-ho
Profile picture of Lee Na-young who plays Kang Dan-yi
Lee Na-young
Kang Dan-yi
Profile picture of Jung Yoo-jin who plays Song Hae-rin
Jung Yoo-jin
Song Hae-rin
Profile picture of Wi Ha-jun who plays Ji Seo-joon
Wi Ha-jun
Ji Seo-joon
Profile picture of Kim Tae-woo who plays Kim Jae-min
Kim Tae-woo
Kim Jae-min
Profile picture of Kim Yu-mi who plays Ko Yoo-sun
Kim Yu-mi
Ko Yoo-sun
Profile picture of Kim Sun-young who plays Seo Young-a
Kim Sun-young
Seo Young-a
Profile picture of Jo Han-chul who plays Bong Ji-hong
Jo Han-chul
Bong Ji-hong
Profile picture of Kang Ki-doong who plays Park Hoon
Kang Ki-doong
Park Hoon
Profile picture of Park Gyu-young who plays Oh Ji-yool
Park Gyu-young
Oh Ji-yool
Profile picture of Oh Eui-sik who plays Hong Dong-min
Oh Eui-sik
Hong Dong-min
Profile picture of Lee Kwan-hun who plays Lee Seung-Jin
Lee Kwan-hun
Lee Seung-Jin
Profile picture of Choi Seung-yoon who plays Bae Kwang-soo
Choi Seung-yoon
Bae Kwang-soo
Profile picture of Lee Ji-won who plays Hong Jae-hee
Lee Ji-won
Hong Jae-hee
Profile picture of Choi Da-in who plays Young Kang Dan-yi
Choi Da-in
Young Kang Dan-yi
Profile picture of Lee Ji-ha who plays Hae-rin's Mother
Lee Ji-ha
Hae-rin's Mother
Profile picture of Lee Seo-hwan who plays Hae-rin's Father
Lee Seo-hwan
Hae-rin's Father
Profile picture of Lee Ha-eun who plays Chae Song-yi
Lee Ha-eun
Chae Song-yi
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