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The School Nurse Files

6 episodes
1 season
77user score

Wielding a light-up sword through the dark corners of a high school, a nurse with an unusual gift protects students from monsters only she can see.

Cover of the Season 2 of The School Nurse Files

Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of The School Nurse Files

Season 1

6 episodes
Sep 25, 2020

Profile picture of Jung Yu-mi who plays Ahn Eun-young
Jung Yu-mi
Ahn Eun-young
Profile picture of Nam Joo-hyuk who plays Hong In-pyo
Nam Joo-hyuk
Hong In-pyo
Profile picture of Hyun Woo-seok who plays Oh Seung-gwon
Hyun Woo-seok
Oh Seung-gwon
Profile picture of Park Hae-eun who plays Seong A-ra
Park Hae-eun
Seong A-ra
Profile picture of Kwon Ji-woo who plays Lee Ji-hyeong
Kwon Ji-woo
Lee Ji-hyeong
Profile picture of Park Se-jin who plays Jang Radi
Park Se-jin
Jang Radi
Profile picture of Shim Dal-gi who plays Heo Wan-su
Shim Dal-gi
Heo Wan-su
Profile picture of Lee Suk-hyeong who plays Kang Min-u
Lee Suk-hyeong
Kang Min-u
Profile picture of Oh Gyeong-hwa who plays Oh Gyeong-hwa
Oh Gyeong-hwa
Oh Gyeong-hwa
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