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Family Reunion

44 episodes
3 seasons
83user score

Family Reunion follows a family of six who travel from Seattle, Washington to Columbus, Georgia for the McKellan Family Reunion and decide to stay to be closer to their family.

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Season 4


There won't be a season 4, the show has ended.

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Season 3

10 episodes
Oct 27, 2022

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Season 2

15 episodes
Apr 5, 2021

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Season 1

19 episodes
Jul 10, 2019

Profile picture of Tia Mowry-Hardrict who plays Cocoa McKellan
Tia Mowry-Hardrict
Cocoa McKellan
Profile picture of Anthony Alabi who plays Moz McKellan
Anthony Alabi
Moz McKellan
Profile picture of Talia Jackson who plays Jade McKellan
Talia Jackson
Jade McKellan
Profile picture of Isaiah Russell-Bailey who plays Shaka McKellan
Isaiah Russell-Bailey
Shaka McKellan
Profile picture of Cameron J. Wright who plays Mazzi McKellan
Cameron J. Wright
Mazzi McKellan
Profile picture of Jordyn Raya James who plays Ami McKellan
Jordyn Raya James
Ami McKellan
Profile picture of Loretta Devine who plays M'Dear
Loretta Devine
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