Designated Survivor: 60 Days

16 episodes
1 season
87user score

An explosion at the National Assembly kills everyone in the cabinet, leaving Park Mu-jin, the Minister of Environment, to become the next president. Park Mu-jin is a scientist-turned-politician who has no ambitions in politics, but as the acting president for 60 days, he is compelled to investigate the truth behind the attack. Based on the popular American series, Designated Survivor.


Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Season 1

16 episodes
Jul 1, 2019

Ji Jin-hee
Park Moo-jin
Heo Joon-ho
Han Joo-seung
Lee Jun-hyuk
Oh Young-seok
Kang Han-na
Han Na-kyung
Bae Jong-ok
Yun Chan-gyeong
Kim Gyu-ri
Choi Gang-yeon
Choi Jae-sung
Le Gwan-mook
Choi Yoon-young
Jung Soo-jeong
Son Suk-ku
Cha Young-jin
Ahn Nae-sang
Kang Sang-goo
Park Keun-rok
Park Soo-gyo
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