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The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot

20 episodes
2 seasons
52user score

Based on the longest-running web-based comic series "Ma Eum Ui Sori" in Korea, "Sound of your heart" is a story about Cho Seok, an aspiring comic writer, and his strange family.

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Season 3


There won't be a season 3, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 2 of The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot

Season 2

10 episodes
Dec 3, 2018

With their daughter Yul-bong at home, Seok can hardly concentrate on his work and decides to work in Bu-ook's car where he gets stuck.; Ae-bong's mom gets lasik surgery and is unable to see following the procedure. Seok takes her around on piggyback for the next few days.

Cover of the Season 1 of The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot

Season 1

10 episodes
Oct 29, 2018

Profile picture of Sung Hoon who plays Jo Suk
Sung Hoon
Jo Suk
Profile picture of Kwon Yu-ri who plays Choi Ae Bong
Kwon Yu-ri
Choi Ae Bong
Profile picture of Shim Hye-jin who plays Jo Suk's Mother
Shim Hye-jin
Jo Suk's Mother
Profile picture of Tae Hang-ho who plays Jo Joon
Tae Hang-ho
Jo Joon
Profile picture of Ju Jin-mo who plays Jo Suk's Father
Ju Jin-mo
Jo Suk's Father
Profile picture of Ji Soo-won who plays Ae Bong's mother
Ji Soo-won
Ae Bong's mother
Profile picture of Park Chul-min who plays Ae Bong's father
Park Chul-min
Ae Bong's father
Profile picture of Kim Sung-Won who plays Boo Wook
Kim Sung-Won
Boo Wook
Profile picture of Kang Yoon who plays Shin
Kang Yoon
Profile picture of Bae Yoon-kyung who plays Sook Ja
Bae Yoon-kyung
Sook Ja
Profile picture of Seo Eun-ah who plays Tae Hee
Seo Eun-ah
Tae Hee
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