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Top Boy

8 episodes
2 seasons
75user score

A thrilling and raw crime drama following a gang of drug dealers in Hackney, London - an honest and gripping rendition of inner-city drug and gang culture.

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Season 3


There won't be a season 3, the show has ended.

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Season 2

4 episodes
Aug 20, 2013

In the second season, Dushane has worked his way to the top but finds he has an enemy in his one-time associate Sully who now has a new ruthless crime partner. When their common nemesis Kamale is found dead both Dushane and Sully fall under suspicion. Meanwhile, 15-year-old Ra'Nell is lying low with the district youth squad trials fast approaching but his friend Gem is unable to do the same.

Cover of the Season 1 of Top Boy

Season 1

4 episodes
Oct 31, 2011

In the first season, after receiving a loan from Bobby Raikes, Dushane and Sully's drugs business thrives, enabling them to lead a rich lifestyle. Their situation takes a dark turn, however, when their rival, Kamale, steals their stash and violence breaks out amongst the gangs. Meanwhile, 13-year-old Ra'Nell becomes inadvertently involved in the drugs circle after his mother is taken into hospital.

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Ashley Walters
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Sharon Duncan-Brewster
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Kane Robinson
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