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52 episodes
5 seasons
69user score

Half dinosaur, half construction truck, full-on fun! Watch giant Ty Rux, his little buddy Revvit and the crew come face-to-face with evil D-Structs.

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Season 6


We currently have no information regarding season 6.

Cover of the Season 5 of Dinotrux

Season 5

6 episodes
Aug 18, 2017

From the sea to the desert, the brave and generous Dinotrux travel far and wide to meet new friends and enemies, including the fearsome Dreadtrux.

Cover of the Season 4 of Dinotrux

Season 4

7 episodes
Mar 31, 2017

The Dinotrux face the biggest and baddest challenges yet in all-new episodes of DreamWorks Dinotrux! When D-Structs teams with other villains, Splitter, Blayde, and Pounder, the Dinotrux must enlist the community and use their smartest builds to keep the crater safe! But after an even more enormous threat comes to the crater, Ty & D-Structs must put their differences aside and work together!

Cover of the Season 3 of Dinotrux

Season 3

16 episodes
Oct 7, 2016

As the Dinotrux continue make their community bigger and better, New Enemies come to challenge Ty, Revvit and the rest of their friends. But with bigger builds, New Dinotrux and Reptools soon to follow, these Half-Dinosaur, Half-Construction Vehicle and All Awesome friends are more determined than ever to build their way out of any situation. Let's Trux It Up!

Cover of the Season 2 of Dinotrux

Season 2

13 episodes
Mar 11, 2016

The Adventure continues with Ty, Revvit, and the rest of the Trux as they make New Friends, New Enemies and Face all New Challenges. With danger and mystery around every corner, these Half-Dinosaur, Half-Truck and all awesome friends will 'Trux It Up' to Build a Better World.

Cover of the Season 1 of Dinotrux

Season 1

10 episodes
Aug 14, 2015

Profile picture of Andrew Francis who plays Ty Rux (voice)
Andrew Francis
Ty Rux (voice)
Profile picture of Richard Ian Cox who plays Revvit (voice)
Richard Ian Cox
Revvit (voice)
Profile picture of Ashleigh Ball who plays Skya (voice)
Ashleigh Ball
Skya (voice)
Profile picture of Brian Drummond who plays Dozer (voice)
Brian Drummond
Dozer (voice)
Profile picture of Matt Hill who plays Ton-Ton (voice)
Matt Hill
Ton-Ton (voice)
Profile picture of Doron Bell who plays Waldo (voice)
Doron Bell
Waldo (voice)
Profile picture of Cree Summer who plays Ace (voice)
Cree Summer
Ace (voice)
Profile picture of Matt Hill who plays Ton-Ton
Matt Hill
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