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Till The End of The Moon

40 episodes
1 season
81user score

In an era when the demons are in power, they are the masters of the despicable cultivators and mortals. The cultivator elders deem it necessary to send someone back in time, to determine the origin of the demon lord and to prevent his awakening. Li Su Su accepts the mission, becoming the mortal Ye Xi Wu, General Ye's third daughter who is married to Tantai Jin, the hostage prince and future demon lord. She is determined to destroy Tantai Jin, who in the future will massacre many. But as a witness to Tantai Jin's past life and rise to power, an unexpected tale emerges, one complicating her quest.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of Till The End of The Moon

Season 1

40 episodes
Apr 6, 2023

To defeat a fearsome demon lord, a brave fighter journeys into the past and discovers their destiny-bound connection across realms and time.

Profile picture of Luo Yunxi who plays Tantai Jin / Cang Jiumin / Ming Ye
Luo Yunxi
Tantai Jin / Cang Jiumin / Ming Ye
Profile picture of Bai Lu who plays Li Susu / Ye Xiwu / Sang Jiu
Bai Lu
Li Susu / Ye Xiwu / Sang Jiu
Profile picture of Chen Duling who plays Ye Bingchang / Mo Nu / Tian Huan
Chen Duling
Ye Bingchang / Mo Nu / Tian Huan
Profile picture of Deng Wei who plays Xiao Lin / Gongye Jiwu / Sang You
Deng Wei
Xiao Lin / Gongye Jiwu / Sang You
Profile picture of Sun Zhenni who plays Ye Pianran
Sun Zhenni
Ye Pianran
Profile picture of Apollo Yu who plays Di Mian
Apollo Yu
Di Mian
Profile picture of Geng Yeting who plays Ye Qingyu
Geng Yeting
Ye Qingyu
Profile picture of Huang Xinyao who plays Yue Fu Ya
Huang Xinyao
Yue Fu Ya
Profile picture of Zheng Guolin who plays Qu Xuanzi
Zheng Guolin
Qu Xuanzi
Profile picture of Huang Haibing who plays Zhao You
Huang Haibing
Zhao You
Profile picture of Li Peien who plays Pang Yi Zhi
Li Peien
Pang Yi Zhi
Profile picture of He Zhonghua who plays Xiao Yi
He Zhonghua
Xiao Yi
Profile picture of Wang Yifei who plays Si Ying
Wang Yifei
Si Ying
Profile picture of Xiao Shunyao who plays Tantai Minglang
Xiao Shunyao
Tantai Minglang
Profile picture of Zhang Zhixi who plays Chu Huang
Zhang Zhixi
Chu Huang
Profile picture of Wang Xichao who plays Jing Mie
Wang Xichao
Jing Mie
Profile picture of Chen Bohao who plays Ji Ze
Chen Bohao
Ji Ze
Profile picture of Liu Min who plays Jing Lan An
Liu Min
Jing Lan An
Profile picture of Huang Yun Yun who plays Yue Ying Xin
Huang Yun Yun
Yue Ying Xin
Profile picture of Zhao Shiyi who plays Fu Yu
Zhao Shiyi
Fu Yu
Profile picture of Li Jiahao who plays Nian Baiyu
Li Jiahao
Nian Baiyu
Profile picture of Wang Jiaxuan who plays
Wang Jiaxuan
Profile picture of Wang Jialin who plays Tantai Wu Ji
Wang Jialin
Tantai Wu Ji
Profile picture of Hu Yi Lin who plays Bi Luo
Hu Yi Lin
Bi Luo
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