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Supa Team 4

8 episodes
1 season
62user score

Four teens are just trying to survive secondary school when an ex-spy recruits them for her superhero team. Their newest assignment? Saving the world.

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Season 2


We currently have no information regarding season 2.

Cover of the Season 1 of Supa Team 4

Season 1

8 episodes
Jul 20, 2023

Profile picture of Zora Ngwaba who plays (voice)
Zora Ngwaba
Profile picture of Namisa Mdlalose who plays (voice)
Namisa Mdlalose
Profile picture of Kimani Arthur who plays Temwe / T-Milo (voice)
Kimani Arthur
Temwe / T-Milo (voice)
Profile picture of Nancy Sekhokoane who plays Zee / Za-Mpezi (voice)
Nancy Sekhokoane
Zee / Za-Mpezi (voice)
Profile picture of Pamela Nomvete who plays Mama K (voice)
Pamela Nomvete
Mama K (voice)
Profile picture of John Macmillan who plays Magedzee / Bad Magz (voice)
John Macmillan
Magedzee / Bad Magz (voice)
Profile picture of Zowa Ngira who plays Komana / K-Bongo (voice)
Zowa Ngira
Komana / K-Bongo (voice)
Profile picture of Thabe Ntebe who plays T.O.M.I (voice)
Thabe Ntebe
T.O.M.I (voice)
Profile picture of Abubakar Salim who plays Principal Nkwashi (voice)
Abubakar Salim
Principal Nkwashi (voice)
Profile picture of Sne Dladla who plays Geoffrey le reporter / Maire Sikazwe (voice)
Sne Dladla
Geoffrey le reporter / Maire Sikazwe (voice)
Profile picture of Gary Martin who plays Chomps the Goat (voice)
Gary Martin
Chomps the Goat (voice)
Profile picture of Céline Tshika who plays Marjory (voix)
Céline Tshika
Marjory (voix)
Profile picture of Ashley Zhangazha who plays Storm Drain (voice)
Ashley Zhangazha
Storm Drain (voice)
Profile picture of Melvin Alusa who plays Père de Momana / Ba Saasa (voice)
Melvin Alusa
Père de Momana / Ba Saasa (voice)
Profile picture of Sarah Faust who plays Frango / Galinha (voice)
Sarah Faust
Frango / Galinha (voice)
Profile picture of Daniel Lyapa who plays Chipo (voice)
Daniel Lyapa
Chipo (voice)
Profile picture of Yinka Awoni who plays Alley Gator (voice)
Yinka Awoni
Alley Gator (voice)
Profile picture of Yinka Awoni who plays Mulher (voice)
Yinka Awoni
Mulher (voice)
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