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The Real Has Come!

50 episodes
1 season
74user score

A successful lecturer facing single motherhood devises a fake romance with a marriage-averse doctor — but keeping up the act proves harder than it seems.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

50 episodes
Mar 25, 2023

Oh Yeon Doo is an optimistic online lecturer who teaches the Korean language. After going through many hardships, she finally gets a stable home and career which allow her to prepare for marriage. However, a new dilemma of becoming a single mother occurs. That is when she meets her doctor, Gong Tae Kyung. Although he chose to be a misogamist, a man who wishes to avoid marriage and a woman who is willing to birth a baby without a father starts a relationship. Hence, the contract romance begins with the baby as collateral. Would their impudent lie be able to fool their families to the end?

Profile picture of Baek Jin-hee who plays Oh Yeon-du
Baek Jin-hee
Oh Yeon-du
Profile picture of Ahn Jae-hyun who plays Gong Tae-gyeong
Ahn Jae-hyun
Gong Tae-gyeong
Profile picture of Cha Joo-young who plays Jang Sae-jin
Cha Joo-young
Jang Sae-jin
Profile picture of Jung Eui-jae who plays Kim Jun-ha
Jung Eui-jae
Kim Jun-ha
Profile picture of Kang Boo-ja who plays Eun Geum-sil
Kang Boo-ja
Eun Geum-sil
Profile picture of Hong Yo-seob who plays Gong Chan-shik
Hong Yo-seob
Gong Chan-shik
Profile picture of Cha Hwa-yeon who plays Lee In-ok
Cha Hwa-yeon
Lee In-ok
Profile picture of Kim Hye-ok who plays Kang Bong-nim
Kim Hye-ok
Kang Bong-nim
Profile picture of Kim Chang-wan who plays Jang Ho
Kim Chang-wan
Jang Ho
Profile picture of Ryu Jin who plays Kang Dae-sang
Ryu Jin
Kang Dae-sang
Profile picture of Lee Kan-hee who plays Joo Hwa-ja
Lee Kan-hee
Joo Hwa-ja
Profile picture of Choi Dae-chul who plays Gong Cheon-myeong
Choi Dae-chul
Gong Cheon-myeong
Profile picture of Yoon Joo-hee who plays Yum Su-jeong
Yoon Joo-hee
Yum Su-jeong
Profile picture of Choi Ja-hye who plays Gong Ji-myeong
Choi Ja-hye
Gong Ji-myeong
Profile picture of Kim Sa-Kwon who plays Cha Hyeon-u
Kim Sa-Kwon
Cha Hyeon-u
Profile picture of You Jay who plays Gong Yu-myeong
You Jay
Gong Yu-myeong
Profile picture of Choi Yoon-je who plays Oh Dong-uk
Choi Yoon-je
Oh Dong-uk
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