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Wake Up, Carlo!

13 episodes
1 season
86user score

Carlo is a wacky, fun-loving boy with a passion for cookies and adventure. But after he falls into a magically deep sleep, things will never be the same!

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Season 2


We currently have no information regarding season 2.

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Season 1

13 episodes
Jul 6, 2023

After waking up from a decades-long nap, 7-year-old Carlo must learn to navigate friendship, love and adulthood on a journey that's full of surprises.

Profile picture of Gustavo Pereira who plays Carlo / Pombo Zed (voice)
Gustavo Pereira
Carlo / Pombo Zed (voice)
Profile picture of Andrei Duarte who plays Alberto / Guarda Pitucho (voice)
Andrei Duarte
Alberto / Guarda Pitucho (voice)
Profile picture of Alexandre Moreno who plays Rei Blaus (voice)
Alexandre Moreno
Rei Blaus (voice)
Profile picture of Ed Gama who plays Seu Djalma (voice)
Ed Gama
Seu Djalma (voice)
Profile picture of Evelyn Castro who plays Montanha Solange (voice)
Evelyn Castro
Montanha Solange (voice)
Profile picture of Heloisa de Palma who plays Madame Brugel (voice)
Heloisa de Palma
Madame Brugel (voice)
Profile picture of Jefferson Schroeder who plays Dona Fátima / Tony Moribuggy / Dona Tigra do Pedágio (voice)
Jefferson Schroeder
Dona Fátima / Tony Moribuggy / Dona Tigra do Pedágio (voice)
Profile picture of Julia Cartier Bresson who plays Tatiana / Pomba Nancy (voice)
Julia Cartier Bresson
Tatiana / Pomba Nancy (voice)
Profile picture of Jussara Marques who plays Abominável Princesa das Neves (voice)
Jussara Marques
Abominável Princesa das Neves (voice)
Profile picture of Renata Roberta who plays Fada Suellen (voice)
Renata Roberta
Fada Suellen (voice)
Profile picture of Robson Nunes who plays Floyd / Douglas / Jabston / Flauber (voice)
Robson Nunes
Floyd / Douglas / Jabston / Flauber (voice)
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