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6 episodes
1 season
71user score

Seeking revenge on the girl she blames for her brother's death, a Kitzbühel waitress infiltrates the glitzy world of a group of wealthy Munich teens.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

6 episodes
Dec 30, 2021

Profile picture of Souhaila Amade who plays Antonia
Souhaila Amade
Profile picture of Valerie Huber who plays Vanessa von Höhenfeldt
Valerie Huber
Vanessa von Höhenfeldt
Profile picture of Sofie Eifertinger who plays Lisi Madlmeyer
Sofie Eifertinger
Lisi Madlmeyer
Profile picture of Felix Mayr who plays Joseph Madlmeyer
Felix Mayr
Joseph Madlmeyer
Profile picture of Bless Amada who plays Dominik Reid
Bless Amada
Dominik Reid
Profile picture of Zoran Pingel who plays Kosh Ziervogel
Zoran Pingel
Kosh Ziervogel
Profile picture of Ben Felipe who plays Hans Gassner
Ben Felipe
Hans Gassner
Profile picture of Florence Kasumba who plays Pippa
Florence Kasumba
Profile picture of Tyron Ricketts who plays Kingsley Reid
Tyron Ricketts
Kingsley Reid
Profile picture of Steffen Wink who plays Ferdinand von Höhenfeldt
Steffen Wink
Ferdinand von Höhenfeldt
Profile picture of Johannes Zeiler who plays Georg Madlmeyer
Johannes Zeiler
Georg Madlmeyer
Profile picture of Tatjana Alexander who plays Mitzi Madlmeyer
Tatjana Alexander
Mitzi Madlmeyer
Profile picture of Simone Fuith who plays Helma Gassner
Simone Fuith
Helma Gassner
Profile picture of Alexander Gaida who plays Basto
Alexander Gaida
Profile picture of Wolf Bachofner who plays Arnold Gassner
Wolf Bachofner
Arnold Gassner
Profile picture of Aaron Arens who plays Igor
Aaron Arens
Profile picture of Nadeshda Brennicke who plays Claire von Höhenfeldt
Nadeshda Brennicke
Claire von Höhenfeldt
Profile picture of Marlene Burow who plays Patrizia von Höhenfeldt
Marlene Burow
Patrizia von Höhenfeldt
Profile picture of Andreas Pietschmann who plays Conny Breidenbacher
Andreas Pietschmann
Conny Breidenbacher
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