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Go, Dog. Go!

48 episodes
3 seasons
86user score

Handy and inventive pup Tag chases adventure with her best pal, Scooch, solving problems and helping the citizens of Pawston along the way.

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Season 4


We currently have no information regarding season 4.

Cover of the Season 3 of Go, Dog. Go!

Season 3

16 episodes
Sep 19, 2022

Cover of the Season 2 of Go, Dog. Go!

Season 2

16 episodes
Dec 7, 2021

Cover of the Season 1 of Go, Dog. Go!

Season 1

16 episodes
Jan 26, 2021

Profile picture of Michela Luci who plays Tag (voice)
Michela Luci
Tag (voice)
Profile picture of Callum Shoniker who plays Scooch (voice)
Callum Shoniker
Scooch (voice)
Profile picture of Martin Roach who plays Paw (voice)
Martin Roach
Paw (voice)
Profile picture of David Berni who plays Frank (voice)
David Berni
Frank (voice)
Profile picture of Anand Rajaram who plays Beans (voice)
Anand Rajaram
Beans (voice)
Profile picture of Linda Ballantyne who plays Lady Lydia / Sgt Pooch / Mayor Sniffington (voice)
Linda Ballantyne
Lady Lydia / Sgt Pooch / Mayor Sniffington (voice)
Profile picture of Patrick McKenna who plays Grandpaw / Manhole Dog (voice)
Patrick McKenna
Grandpaw / Manhole Dog (voice)
Profile picture of Katie Griffin who plays Mom (voice)
Katie Griffin
Mom (voice)
Profile picture of Tajja Isen who plays Cheddar Biscuit (voice)
Tajja Isen
Cheddar Biscuit (voice)
Profile picture of Judy Marshak who plays Grandmaw (voice)
Judy Marshak
Grandmaw (voice)
Profile picture of Lyon Smith who plays Gilber (voice)
Lyon Smith
Gilber (voice)
Profile picture of Josh Graham who plays Sam Whippet (voice)
Josh Graham
Sam Whippet (voice)
Profile picture of Matthew Mucci who plays Big Dog (voice)
Matthew Mucci
Big Dog (voice)
Profile picture of Hattie Kragten who plays Little Dog (voice)
Hattie Kragten
Little Dog (voice)
Profile picture of Paul Buckley who plays Barkapellas (voice)
Paul Buckley
Barkapellas (voice)
Profile picture of Zoe D'Andrea who plays Barkapellas (voice)
Zoe D'Andrea
Barkapellas (voice)
Profile picture of Reno Selmser who plays Barkapellas (voice)
Reno Selmser
Barkapellas (voice)
Profile picture of Paul Braunstein who plays Tom Whiskerton (voice)
Paul Braunstein
Tom Whiskerton (voice)
Profile picture of Zarina Rocha who plays Kit Whiskerton (voice)
Zarina Rocha
Kit Whiskerton (voice)
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