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Zero Chill

10 episodes
1 season
74user score

Talented teen figure skater Kayla is forced to leave everything behind when her family follows her twin brother, Mac, to a prestigious hockey academy.

Cover of the Season 2 of Zero Chill

Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has been canceled.

Cover of the Season 1 of Zero Chill

Season 1

10 episodes
Mar 15, 2021

Profile picture of Grace Beedie who plays Kayla MacBentley
Grace Beedie
Kayla MacBentley
Profile picture of Dakota Taylor who plays 'Mac' MacBentley
Dakota Taylor
'Mac' MacBentley
Profile picture of Jeremias Amoore who plays Bear Stelzer
Jeremias Amoore
Bear Stelzer
Profile picture of Anastázie Chocholatá who plays Ava Hammarström
Anastázie Chocholatá
Ava Hammarström
Profile picture of Leonardo Fontes who plays Sam Stelzer
Leonardo Fontes
Sam Stelzer
Profile picture of Jade Ma who plays Sky Tyler
Jade Ma
Sky Tyler
Profile picture of Sarah-Jane Potts who plays Jenny MacBentley
Sarah-Jane Potts
Jenny MacBentley
Profile picture of Doug Rao who plays Luke MacBentley
Doug Rao
Luke MacBentley
Profile picture of Tanja Ribič who plays Elina Hammarström
Tanja Ribič
Elina Hammarström
Profile picture of Oscar Skagerberg who plays Anton Hammarström
Oscar Skagerberg
Anton Hammarström
Profile picture of Stan Steinbichler who plays Nico Haas
Stan Steinbichler
Nico Haas
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