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16 episodes
1 season
71user score

An unfathomable incident introduces a genius engineer to dangerous secrets of the world — and to a woman from the future who's come looking for him.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of Sisyphus

Season 1

16 episodes
Feb 17, 2021

Profile picture of Cho Seung-woo who plays Han Tae-sul
Cho Seung-woo
Han Tae-sul
Profile picture of Park Shin-hye who plays Gang Seo-hae
Park Shin-hye
Gang Seo-hae
Profile picture of Chae Jong-hyeop who plays Choi Jae-sun
Chae Jong-hyeop
Choi Jae-sun
Profile picture of Sung Dong-il who plays Park Hyeong-do
Sung Dong-il
Park Hyeong-do
Profile picture of Tae In-ho who plays Eddie Kim
Tae In-ho
Eddie Kim
Profile picture of Tae Won-seok who plays Yeo Bong-sun
Tae Won-seok
Yeo Bong-sun
Profile picture of Jeon Kuk-hwan who plays Kim Han-yong
Jeon Kuk-hwan
Kim Han-yong
Profile picture of Heo Joon-seok who plays Han Tae-san
Heo Joon-seok
Han Tae-san
Profile picture of Jung Hye-in who plays Kim Seo-jin
Jung Hye-in
Kim Seo-jin
Profile picture of Choi Jung-woo who plays Hwang Hyun-seung
Choi Jung-woo
Hwang Hyun-seung
Profile picture of Go Yoon who plays Jung Hyeon-gi
Go Yoon
Jung Hyeon-gi
Profile picture of Kim Byung-chul who plays Seo Won-ju
Kim Byung-chul
Seo Won-ju
Profile picture of Lee Yeon-su who plays Lee Eun-hee
Lee Yeon-su
Lee Eun-hee
Profile picture of Lee Si-woo who plays Bingbing
Lee Si-woo
Profile picture of Lim Ji-sub who plays Ma Yong Seok
Lim Ji-sub
Ma Yong Seok
Profile picture of Kim Jong-tae who plays Gang Dong-ki
Kim Jong-tae
Gang Dong-ki
Profile picture of Ha Yul-Ri who plays Choi Go-eun
Ha Yul-Ri
Choi Go-eun
Profile picture of Park Young Bin who plays Kwon Yeok Beom [Member of the DEA]
Park Young Bin
Kwon Yeok Beom [Member of the DEA]
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