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W: Two Worlds Apart

16 episodes
2 seasons
85user score

W, a webtoon, is written and drawn by Yeon-joo's father and follows rich boy vigilante Chul as he attempts to find the culprit who murdered his family one fateful night. Despite the webtoon's popularity, Yeon-joo's father, Seong-moo, plans to abruptly end it by having Chul killed off.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of W: Two Worlds Apart

Season 1

16 episodes
Jul 20, 2016

After being pulled into the webtoon world created by her father, a surgical resident gets entangled in a murder mystery involving the story's hero.

Profile picture of Lee Jong-suk who plays Kang Cheol
Lee Jong-suk
Kang Cheol
Profile picture of Han Hyo-joo who plays Oh Yeon-joo
Han Hyo-joo
Oh Yeon-joo
Profile picture of Jung Eu-gene who plays Yoon So-hee
Jung Eu-gene
Yoon So-hee
Profile picture of Lee Tae-hwan who plays Seo Do-yoon
Lee Tae-hwan
Seo Do-yoon
Profile picture of Lee Si-eon who plays Park Soo-bong
Lee Si-eon
Park Soo-bong
Profile picture of Park Won-sang who plays Han Cheol-ho
Park Won-sang
Han Cheol-ho
Profile picture of Kim Eui-sung who plays Oh Sung-moo
Kim Eui-sung
Oh Sung-moo
Profile picture of Kang Ki-young who plays Kang Seok-beom
Kang Ki-young
Kang Seok-beom
Profile picture of Heo Jung-do who plays Park Min-soo
Heo Jung-do
Park Min-soo
Profile picture of Cha Kwang-soo who plays Son Hyun-suk
Cha Kwang-soo
Son Hyun-suk
Profile picture of Nam Gi-ae who plays Kil Soo-sun
Nam Gi-ae
Kil Soo-sun
Profile picture of Ryu Hye-rin who plays Sun-mi
Ryu Hye-rin
Profile picture of Park Choong-seon who plays Kang Chul's Father
Park Choong-seon
Kang Chul's Father
Profile picture of Kim Na-woon who plays Kang Chul's Mother
Kim Na-woon
Kang Chul's Mother
Profile picture of Lee Se-rang who plays Kil Soo-young
Lee Se-rang
Kil Soo-young
Profile picture of Seo Shin-ae who plays Kang Chul's Younger Sister
Seo Shin-ae
Kang Chul's Younger Sister
Profile picture of Park Min-ha who plays Young Oh Yeon-joo
Park Min-ha
Young Oh Yeon-joo
Profile picture of Yang Hye-ji who plays Yun-hee
Yang Hye-ji
Profile picture of Jung Ji-so who plays Teenage Oh Yeon-joo
Jung Ji-so
Teenage Oh Yeon-joo
Profile picture of Ri Min who plays Team Leader Park
Ri Min
Team Leader Park
Profile picture of Jin Hyun Kwang who plays Policeman
Jin Hyun Kwang
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