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The Baby-Sitters Club

18 episodes
2 seasons
80user score

In this contemporary take on the beloved book series, five best friends launch a baby-sitting business that's big on fun and adventure.

Cover of the Season 3 of The Baby-Sitters Club

Season 3


There won't be a season 3, the show has been canceled.

Cover of the Season 2 of The Baby-Sitters Club

Season 2

8 episodes
Oct 11, 2021

Cover of the Season 1 of The Baby-Sitters Club

Season 1

10 episodes
Jul 3, 2020

Profile picture of Malia Baker who plays Mary-Anne Spier
Malia Baker
Mary-Anne Spier
Profile picture of Vivian Watson who plays Mallory Pike
Vivian Watson
Mallory Pike
Profile picture of Anais Lee who plays Jessi Ramsey
Anais Lee
Jessi Ramsey
Profile picture of Momona Tamada who plays Claudia Kishi
Momona Tamada
Claudia Kishi
Profile picture of Shay Rudolph who plays Stacey McGill
Shay Rudolph
Stacey McGill
Profile picture of Sophie Grace who plays Kristy Thomas
Sophie Grace
Kristy Thomas
Profile picture of Kyndra Sanchez who plays Dawn Schafer
Kyndra Sanchez
Dawn Schafer
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