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10 episodes
1 season
67user score

The murder of a teenager and the hunt for a serial killer in a suburban Northern California town sets two fathers on a course of mutual destruction that will reverberate through their quiet community.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

10 episodes
Oct 1, 2019

Profile picture of Simone Kessell who plays Paige Serrato
Simone Kessell
Paige Serrato
Profile picture of Laura Gordon who plays Candace Doyle
Laura Gordon
Candace Doyle
Profile picture of Aden Young who plays Mike Serrato
Aden Young
Mike Serrato
Profile picture of Milly Alcock who plays Sam Serrato
Milly Alcock
Sam Serrato
Profile picture of Di Smith who plays Dotty
Di Smith
Profile picture of Ed Oxenbould who plays Paxton Doyle
Ed Oxenbould
Paxton Doyle
Profile picture of Mitzi Ruhlmann who plays Amanda Serrato
Mitzi Ruhlmann
Amanda Serrato
Profile picture of Toby Schmitz who plays John Ainsworth
Toby Schmitz
John Ainsworth
Profile picture of Sam Trammell who plays Leo Doyle
Sam Trammell
Leo Doyle
Profile picture of Paula Arundell who plays Sheriff Waller
Paula Arundell
Sheriff Waller
Profile picture of Nic English who plays Brad
Nic English
Profile picture of Gloria Garayua who plays Detective Ramos
Gloria Garayua
Detective Ramos
Profile picture of Diana Glenn who plays Beth McGrath
Diana Glenn
Beth McGrath
Profile picture of Sean Barker who plays Edgar Harris
Sean Barker
Edgar Harris
Profile picture of Finn Little who plays Jake Serrato
Finn Little
Jake Serrato
Profile picture of Anthony Phelan who plays Arden Doyle
Anthony Phelan
Arden Doyle
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