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12 episodes
1 season
69user score

When Shibuya time-warps to 2388, high schooler Daisuke and his friends are conscripted by AHRV agent Milo to fight the hostile cyborg race, revisions.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

12 episodes
Jan 10, 2019

Profile picture of Koki Uchiyama who plays Doujima Daisuke (voice)
Koki Uchiyama
Doujima Daisuke (voice)
Profile picture of Mikako Komatsu who plays Milo (voice)
Mikako Komatsu
Milo (voice)
Profile picture of Rie Takahashi who plays Chang Lu Steiner (voice)
Rie Takahashi
Chang Lu Steiner (voice)
Profile picture of Manaka Iwami who plays Temari Marin (voice)
Manaka Iwami
Temari Marin (voice)
Profile picture of Nobunaga Shimazaki who plays Chang Gai Steiner (voice)
Nobunaga Shimazaki
Chang Gai Steiner (voice)
Profile picture of Yoko Hikasa who plays Chiharu Isurugi (voice)
Yoko Hikasa
Chiharu Isurugi (voice)
Profile picture of Takahiro Sakurai who plays Doujima Mikio (voice)
Takahiro Sakurai
Doujima Mikio (voice)
Profile picture of Soma Saito who plays Keisaku Asano (voice)
Soma Saito
Keisaku Asano (voice)
Profile picture of Yuka Terasaki who plays Izumi Kanae (voice)
Yuka Terasaki
Izumi Kanae (voice)
Profile picture of Masaki Terasoma who plays Ryouhei Kuroiwa (voice)
Masaki Terasoma
Ryouhei Kuroiwa (voice)
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U/A 16+