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30 episodes
3 seasons
73user score

In 1980s LA, a crew of misfits reinvent themselves as the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

Cover of the Season 4 of GLOW

Season 4


There won't be a season 4, the show has been canceled.

Cover of the Season 3 of GLOW

Season 3

10 episodes
Aug 9, 2019

Cover of the Season 2 of GLOW

Season 2

10 episodes
Jun 29, 2018

New faces, big life changes and the pressures of showbiz stoke tensions on set as Ruth and the gang try to take their show to the next level.

Cover of the Season 1 of GLOW

Season 1

10 episodes
Jun 23, 2017

Profile picture of Alison Brie who plays Ruth Wilder
Alison Brie
Ruth Wilder
Profile picture of Betty Gilpin who plays Debbie Eagan
Betty Gilpin
Debbie Eagan
Profile picture of Marc Maron who plays Sam Sylvia
Marc Maron
Sam Sylvia
Profile picture of Sydelle Noel who plays Cherry Bang
Sydelle Noel
Cherry Bang
Profile picture of Britney Young who plays Carmen Wade
Britney Young
Carmen Wade
Profile picture of ​Christopher Lowell who plays Bash Howard
​Christopher Lowell
Bash Howard
Profile picture of Britt Baron who plays Justine Biagi
Britt Baron
Justine Biagi
Profile picture of Kate Nash who plays Rhonda Richardson
Kate Nash
Rhonda Richardson
Profile picture of Gayle Rankin who plays Sheila the She-Wolf
Gayle Rankin
Sheila the She-Wolf
Profile picture of Shakira Barrera who plays Yolanda Rivas
Shakira Barrera
Yolanda Rivas
Profile picture of Kia Stevens who plays Tameé Dawson
Kia Stevens
Tameé Dawson
Profile picture of Jackie Tohn who plays Melanie Rosen
Jackie Tohn
Melanie Rosen
Profile picture of Ellen Wong who plays Jenny Chey
Ellen Wong
Jenny Chey
Profile picture of Sunita Mani who plays Arthie Premkumar
Sunita Mani
Arthie Premkumar
Profile picture of Kimmy Gatewood who plays Stacey Beswick
Kimmy Gatewood
Stacey Beswick
Profile picture of Rebekka Johnson who plays Dawn Rivecca
Rebekka Johnson
Dawn Rivecca
Profile picture of Marianna Palka who plays Reggie Walsh
Marianna Palka
Reggie Walsh
Profile picture of Rich Sommer who plays Mark Eagan
Rich Sommer
Mark Eagan
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