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Well-Intended Love

40 episodes
2 seasons
74user score

In order to receive a bone marrow transplant quicker and be able to continue her career as an actress, Xia Lin enters into a secret marriage with Ling Yi Zhou, the CEO of a company. Despite the conspiracies and misunderstandings they encounter, the two find true love.

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Season 3


There won't be a season 3, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 2 of Well-Intended Love

Season 2

20 episodes
Feb 13, 2020

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Season 1

20 episodes
Jan 17, 2019

To secure a bone marrow donation, an actress diagnosed with leukemia makes a marriage pact with a young CEO -- but love and secrets get in the way.

Profile picture of Xu Kaicheng who plays Ling Yi Zhou
Xu Kaicheng
Ling Yi Zhou
Profile picture of Wang Shuang who plays Xia Lin
Wang Shuang
Xia Lin
Profile picture of Ian Yi who plays Chu Yan
Ian Yi
Chu Yan
Profile picture of Huang Qianshuo who plays Wen Li
Huang Qianshuo
Wen Li
Profile picture of Liu Jiaxi who plays Jia Fei
Liu Jiaxi
Jia Fei
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