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Thieves of the Wood

10 episodes
1 season
64user score

Charismatic highwayman Jan de Lichte leads the oppressed and downtrodden in a revolt against the corrupt aristocracy of 18th-century Belgium.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of Thieves of the Wood

Season 1

10 episodes
Jan 2, 2020

Profile picture of Matteo Simoni who plays Jan de Lichte
Matteo Simoni
Jan de Lichte
Profile picture of Stef Aerts who plays Francis Tincke
Stef Aerts
Francis Tincke
Profile picture of Jeroen Perceval who plays De Schele
Jeroen Perceval
De Schele
Profile picture of Dirk Roofthooft who plays Jean-Joseph Coffijn
Dirk Roofthooft
Jean-Joseph Coffijn
Profile picture of Tom van Dyck who plays Jean-Philippe Baru
Tom van Dyck
Jean-Philippe Baru
Profile picture of Anne-Laure Vandeputte who plays Anne-Marie Mestdagh
Anne-Laure Vandeputte
Anne-Marie Mestdagh
Profile picture of Charlotte Timmers who plays Héloise Embo
Charlotte Timmers
Héloise Embo
Profile picture of Anemone Valcke who plays De Schoen
Anemone Valcke
De Schoen
Profile picture of Rik Willems who plays Meyvis
Rik Willems
Profile picture of Manou Kersting who plays Sproetje
Manou Kersting
Profile picture of Iwein Segers who plays Vangenende
Iwein Segers
Profile picture of Tibo Vandenborre who plays De Spanjol
Tibo Vandenborre
De Spanjol
Profile picture of Bruno Vanden Broecke who plays Benoit Van Gelderhode
Bruno Vanden Broecke
Benoit Van Gelderhode
Profile picture of Peter De Graef who plays Michel Embo
Peter De Graef
Michel Embo
Profile picture of Dick Carlier who plays Banneling (2017)
Dick Carlier
Banneling (2017)
Profile picture of Ruth Beeckmans who plays Judoca
Ruth Beeckmans
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