My Holo Love

12 episodes
1 season
86user score

Go Nan Do, the owner, and creator of an IT research company must hide his existence from the world after his involvement as a hacker in a major case ten years ago. Presumed dead, the only people who knew of his existence are his step-sister and his companies CEO. Han So Yeon, an assistant manager at a glasses company, keeps her distance from people, due to her inability to recognize people’s faces.


Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Season 1

12 episodes
Feb 7, 2020

Yoon Hyun-min
Go Nan Do / Holo
Ko Sung-hee
Han So-yeon
Choi Yeo-jin
Go Yu Jin
Hwang Chan-sung
Baek Chan Sung
Lee Jung-eun
So-yeon's mother
Kang Seung-hyun
Yoo Ram [Stewardess / So Yeon's friend]
Son Jong-hak
Nam Gi Ho [IT crimes Detective]
Jung Young-ki
Jo Jin Seok [Senior Programmer, GIO Labs]
Jeong Yeon-joo
Ji Na [Detective]
Nam Myung-ryeol
Baek Nam Gyu [Chan Sung's father / Company president]
Jeong Do-won
Mr. Jeong [Chan Sung's aide]
Lee You-mi
Ji Hye [Prism employee]
Yang Dae-hyeok
Lee Dong Sik [Prism employee]
Gong Min-jeung
Jeong Ah [Prism employee]
Park Geon-gyu
[GIO Labs staff]
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