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The Trial

8 episodes
1 season
71user score

The murder of a teen girl impacts a public prosecutor linked to the victim, a lawyer seeking a career-making case and a suspect who says she's innocent.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has been canceled.

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Season 1

8 episodes
Nov 29, 2019

Profile picture of Vittoria Puccini who plays Elena Guerra
Vittoria Puccini
Elena Guerra
Profile picture of Francesco Scianna who plays Ruggero Barone
Francesco Scianna
Ruggero Barone
Profile picture of Camilla Filippi who plays Linda Monaco
Camilla Filippi
Linda Monaco
Profile picture of Simone Colombari who plays Giacomo Andreoli
Simone Colombari
Giacomo Andreoli
Profile picture of Maurizio Lastrico who plays Giovanni Malaguti
Maurizio Lastrico
Giovanni Malaguti
Profile picture of Alessandro Averone who plays Stefano Lanzoni
Alessandro Averone
Stefano Lanzoni
Profile picture of Euridice Axén who plays Mara Raimondi
Euridice Axén
Mara Raimondi
Profile picture of Marco Baliani who plays Ottavio Arrigoni
Marco Baliani
Ottavio Arrigoni
Profile picture of Pia Lanciotti who plays Fabrizia Furlan
Pia Lanciotti
Fabrizia Furlan
Profile picture of Giordano De Plano who plays Vittorio De Grandis
Giordano De Plano
Vittorio De Grandis
Profile picture of Roberto Herlitzka who plays Giancarlo Guerra
Roberto Herlitzka
Giancarlo Guerra
Profile picture of Tommaso Ragno who plays Gabriele Monaco
Tommaso Ragno
Gabriele Monaco
Profile picture of Michele Morrone who plays Claudio Cavalleri
Michele Morrone
Claudio Cavalleri
Profile picture of Margherita Caviezel who plays Angelica Petroni
Margherita Caviezel
Angelica Petroni
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