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Handsome Siblings

44 episodes
1 season
79user score

Clashing martial arts twins face relentless villains, thorny romance and brotherly rivalry as their troubled pasts catch up to them.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

44 episodes
Jan 16, 2020

Profile picture of Chen Zheyuan who plays Jiang Xiao Yu /  Xiao Yu Er
Chen Zheyuan
Jiang Xiao Yu / Xiao Yu Er
Profile picture of Hu Yitian who plays Hua Wu Que/ Jiang Feng
Hu Yitian
Hua Wu Que/ Jiang Feng
Profile picture of Vicky Liang who plays Tie Xin Lan
Vicky Liang
Tie Xin Lan
Profile picture of Liang Jie who plays Su Ying
Liang Jie
Su Ying
Profile picture of Ping Hui Tay who plays Yan Nan Tian
Ping Hui Tay
Yan Nan Tian
Profile picture of Wang Zhen who plays Zhang Ching
Wang Zhen
Zhang Ching
Profile picture of Mao Linlin who plays Yao Yue
Mao Linlin
Yao Yue
Profile picture of Gallen Lo who plays Jiang Biehe
Gallen Lo
Jiang Biehe
Profile picture of Song Wenzuo who plays Hei Zhi Zhu / Black Spider
Song Wenzuo
Hei Zhi Zhu / Black Spider
Profile picture of Natalie Zhang who plays Xiao Mi Mi / Enchantress
Natalie Zhang
Xiao Mi Mi / Enchantress
Profile picture of Hou Chang-Rong who plays Wan Chun Liu
Hou Chang-Rong
Wan Chun Liu
Profile picture of Jill Hsu who plays Tu Jiao Jiao
Jill Hsu
Tu Jiao Jiao
Profile picture of Yuan Jiang who plays Tie Ping Gu
Yuan Jiang
Tie Ping Gu
Profile picture of Zheng Yawen who plays Ma Ta Xue "Horse" of the Twelve Zodiacs
Zheng Yawen
Ma Ta Xue "Horse" of the Twelve Zodiacs
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