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Kingdoms of Fire

14 episodes
1 season

A historical look on the last days of the Mamluk Sultanate before its fall to the Ottoman conquest in the 16th century and how Egypt and the Sham were incorporated into the Ottoman empire.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

14 episodes
Nov 17, 2019

Profile picture of Khaled El Nabawy who plays Prince Tuman Bay
Khaled El Nabawy
Prince Tuman Bay
Profile picture of Ramez alaswad who plays Sinan Pasha
Ramez alaswad
Sinan Pasha
Profile picture of Mahmoud Nasr who plays Padishah Selim
Mahmoud Nasr
Padishah Selim
Profile picture of Rashid Assaf who plays Sultan Qansuh Al-Ghuri
Rashid Assaf
Sultan Qansuh Al-Ghuri
Profile picture of Abdel Moneim Amairy who plays Padishah Bayezid
Abdel Moneim Amairy
Padishah Bayezid
Profile picture of Nedal Nejem who plays Prince Khair Bay
Nedal Nejem
Prince Khair Bay
Profile picture of Shady Safadi who plays Yunus Agha
Shady Safadi
Yunus Agha
Profile picture of Saad Mena who plays Prince Janbirdi Al-Ghazali
Saad Mena
Prince Janbirdi Al-Ghazali
Profile picture of Khaled Kamal who plays Al-Kamil
Khaled Kamal
Profile picture of Kinda Hanna who plays Nalbay
Kinda Hanna
Profile picture of Souhir Ben Amara who plays Hafsa Khatun
Souhir Ben Amara
Hafsa Khatun
Profile picture of Mohamed Hatem who plays Jamal
Mohamed Hatem
Profile picture of Abdulraheem Hassan who plays Doctor Abdelkarim Al-Husseini
Abdulraheem Hassan
Doctor Abdelkarim Al-Husseini
Profile picture of Lobna Wanas who plays Umm Jamal
Lobna Wanas
Umm Jamal
Profile picture of Fady Ibrahim who plays Yacoub Pasha
Fady Ibrahim
Yacoub Pasha
Profile picture of Bahaa Tharwat who plays Ibn Arab
Bahaa Tharwat
Ibn Arab
Profile picture of Moataz Hesham who plays Young Selim
Moataz Hesham
Young Selim
Profile picture of Mahmoud Gomaa who plays Fortune Teller
Mahmoud Gomaa
Fortune Teller
Profile picture of Mahmoud Hafez who plays Masr Bay
Mahmoud Hafez
Masr Bay
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