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How to Get Away with Murder

90 episodes
6 seasons
78user score

A sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller about a group of ambitious law students and their brilliant, mysterious criminal defense professor. They become entangled in a murder plot and will shake the entire university and change the course of their lives.

Cover of the Season 7 of How to Get Away with Murder

Season 7


There won't be a season 7, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 6 of How to Get Away with Murder

Season 6

15 episodes
Sep 26, 2019

Professor Annalise Keating’s class is in their final semester of law school – while the deception, fear and guilt binding Professor Keating to her students prove deadlier then ever.

Cover of the Season 5 of How to Get Away with Murder

Season 5

15 episodes
Sep 27, 2018

Michaela, Connor, Asher, and Laurel move on with the next chapter of their lives. A new mystery involving one of their own will unfold, as relationships are fractured, and new secrets are exposed.

Cover of the Season 4 of How to Get Away with Murder

Season 4

15 episodes
Sep 28, 2017

Murder, deception, fear and guilt are the ties that bind Middleton University Professor Annalise Keating to her long-time associates Frank Delfino, Bonnie Winterbottom and her students. But as the group struggles to move on with their lives following Wes’ death, their past continues to haunt them. Relationships will be fractured, lies will spin out of control, and a shocking, new mystery will upend their entire lives.

Cover of the Season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder

Season 3

15 episodes
Sep 22, 2016

Professor Annalise Keating and her class of bright law students push the limits of legality in the courtroom and beyond in order to keep their clients out of jail and each other out of hot water.

Cover of the Season 2 of How to Get Away with Murder

Season 2

15 episodes
Sep 24, 2015

They say the first year of law school is the hardest. After taking Professor Annalise Keating's class at Middleton University, the Keating 5 were pushed to their limits as their values, convictions, dreams and even truths about themselves were revealed to be as dark as the law and justice system they're trying to learn. Following the aftermath of the murder mystery cover up that Wes Gibbins, Connor Walsh, Michaela Pratt and Laurel Castillo were involved in, they each fear the worst when Rebecca Sutter escapes from under their watch. Unbeknownst to them, she is found dead by Annalise and her trusted associate Frank Delfino, creating an entirely new murder and undoubtedly, a new web of lies and suspects.

Cover of the Season 1 of How to Get Away with Murder

Season 1

15 episodes
Sep 25, 2014

Profile picture of Viola Davis who plays Annalise Keating
Viola Davis
Annalise Keating
Profile picture of Billy Brown who plays Nate Lahey
Billy Brown
Nate Lahey
Profile picture of Jack Falahee who plays Connor Walsh
Jack Falahee
Connor Walsh
Profile picture of Rome Flynn who plays Gabriel Maddox
Rome Flynn
Gabriel Maddox
Profile picture of Aja Naomi King who plays Michaela Pratt
Aja Naomi King
Michaela Pratt
Profile picture of Matt McGorry who plays Asher Millstone
Matt McGorry
Asher Millstone
Profile picture of Conrad Ricamora who plays Oliver Hampton
Conrad Ricamora
Oliver Hampton
Profile picture of Amirah Vann who plays Tegan Price
Amirah Vann
Tegan Price
Profile picture of Charlie Weber who plays Frank Delfino
Charlie Weber
Frank Delfino
Profile picture of Liza Weil who plays Bonnie Winterbottom
Liza Weil
Bonnie Winterbottom
Profile picture of Carlos Montilla who plays Agent 1
Carlos Montilla
Agent 1
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