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18 episodes
1 season
83user score

The police officers at South Korea's busiest patrol division toil day and night as keepers of law and peace -- but the reality is far from orderly.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

18 episodes
Mar 10, 2018

Profile picture of Jung Yu-mi who plays Han Jung-O
Jung Yu-mi
Han Jung-O
Profile picture of Lee Kwang-soo who plays Yeom Sang-Soo
Lee Kwang-soo
Yeom Sang-Soo
Profile picture of Bae Sung-woo who plays Oh Yang-Chon
Bae Sung-woo
Oh Yang-Chon
Profile picture of Bae Jong-ok who plays An Jang-Mi
Bae Jong-ok
An Jang-Mi
Profile picture of Sung Dong-il who plays Ki Han-Sol
Sung Dong-il
Ki Han-Sol
Profile picture of Jang Hyun-sung who plays Eun Kyung-Mo
Jang Hyun-sung
Eun Kyung-Mo
Profile picture of Lee Eol who plays Lee Sam-Bo
Lee Eol
Lee Sam-Bo
Profile picture of Lee Joo-young who plays Song Hye-Ri
Lee Joo-young
Song Hye-Ri
Profile picture of Lee Si-eon who plays Kang Nam-Il
Lee Si-eon
Kang Nam-Il
Profile picture of Shin Dong-Wook who plays Choi Myung-Ho
Shin Dong-Wook
Choi Myung-Ho
Profile picture of Kim Gun-woo who plays Kim Han-Pyo
Kim Gun-woo
Kim Han-Pyo
Profile picture of Cho Wan-ki who plays Kim Min-Seok
Cho Wan-ki
Kim Min-Seok
Profile picture of Baek Seung-do who plays Go Seung-Jae
Baek Seung-do
Go Seung-Jae
Profile picture of Lee Soon-jae who plays Yang-Chon's father
Lee Soon-jae
Yang-Chon's father
Profile picture of Kim Jong-Hoon who plays Min Won-Woo
Kim Jong-Hoon
Min Won-Woo
Profile picture of Park Han-sol who plays Young Han Jung-oh
Park Han-sol
Young Han Jung-oh
Profile picture of Lee Min Ryung who plays
Lee Min Ryung
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