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Dead to Me

30 episodes
3 seasons
73user score

A hotheaded widow searching for the hit-and-run driver who mowed down her husband befriends an eccentric optimist who isn't quite what she seems.

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Season 4


There won't be a season 4, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 3 of Dead to Me

Season 3

10 episodes
Nov 17, 2022

A hit-and-run started it all for Jen and Judy. Now another shocking crash alters the future of their ride-or-die friendship. All roads have led to this.

Cover of the Season 2 of Dead to Me

Season 2

10 episodes
May 8, 2020

Jen and Judy are not OK. Not even a little. With their lives spinning out of control, they're clinging to each other — and their secrets.

Cover of the Season 1 of Dead to Me

Season 1

10 episodes
May 3, 2019

Profile picture of Christina Applegate who plays Jen Harding
Christina Applegate
Jen Harding
Profile picture of Linda Cardellini who plays Judy Hale
Linda Cardellini
Judy Hale
Profile picture of James Marsden who plays Steve Wood
James Marsden
Steve Wood
Profile picture of Luke Roessler who plays Henry Harding
Luke Roessler
Henry Harding
Profile picture of Sam McCarthy who plays Charlie Harding
Sam McCarthy
Charlie Harding
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