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Virgin River

54 episodes
5 seasons
80user score

After seeing an ad for a midwife, a recently divorced big-city nurse moves to the redwood forests of California, where she meets an intriguing man.

Cover of the Season 5 of Virgin River

Season 5

12 episodes
Sep 7, 2023
Coming in 3 months
Cover of the Season 4 of Virgin River

Season 4

12 episodes
Jul 20, 2022

Cover of the Season 3 of Virgin River

Season 3

10 episodes
Jul 9, 2021

Cover of the Season 2 of Virgin River

Season 2

10 episodes
Nov 27, 2020

Cover of the Season 1 of Virgin River

Season 1

10 episodes
Dec 6, 2019

Profile picture of Alexandra Breckenridge who plays Melinda Monroe
Alexandra Breckenridge
Melinda Monroe
Profile picture of Martin Henderson who plays Jack Sheridan
Martin Henderson
Jack Sheridan
Profile picture of Colin Lawrence who plays John "Preacher" Middleton
Colin Lawrence
John "Preacher" Middleton
Profile picture of Benjamin Hollingsworth who plays Dan Brady
Benjamin Hollingsworth
Dan Brady
Profile picture of Lauren Hammersley who plays Charmaine Roberts
Lauren Hammersley
Charmaine Roberts
Profile picture of Tim Matheson who plays Vernon "Doc" Mullins
Tim Matheson
Vernon "Doc" Mullins
Profile picture of Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey who plays Ricky
Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey
Profile picture of Sarah Dugdale who plays Lizzie
Sarah Dugdale
Profile picture of Annette O'Toole who plays Hope McCrea
Annette O'Toole
Hope McCrea
Profile picture of Marco Grazzini who plays Mike Valenzuela
Marco Grazzini
Mike Valenzuela
Profile picture of Zibby Allen who plays Brie
Zibby Allen
Profile picture of Mark Ghanimé who plays Dr. Cameron Hayek
Mark Ghanimé
Dr. Cameron Hayek
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